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The road that La Loche built

The Garson Lake Road
Black Point became accessible via the Garson Lake Road in 1988.

This camp on the Garson Lake Road is situated on the La Loche River.

Saskatchewan Highway 956

Highway 956 or the Garson Lake Road (off of Highway 155) is a 44 kilometer gravel road that leads to Garson Lake. It continues into Alberta as a winter road. There is an access road to Black Point. Construction began in 1986. It was completed in 1999.

A road to the village of Garson Lake along with a connecting road to Alberta had been a project long hoped for by the residents of La Loche. 
In 1981 it became part of the economic development plan for the village. 
La Loche began to search for ways to get the work done. 

In 1983 the village of La Loche received environmental approvals needed for the road construction.
In 1986 one kilometer had been constructed.
In 1988 a twelve kilometer section was completed up to the hamlet of Black Point.
In 1989 a 40 meter right of way was cleared from the Black Point turnoff to Garson Lake.
In 1996 six kilometers was done.
In 1998 seven kilometers was done.
In 1999 the last 18 kilometers of road to Garson Lake was completed.
In 1999 the 44 kilometer road was officially opened. 

The following "Chronological Summary" outlines the planning that was done in achieving this goal. 
It shows where the funding came from and who were the people involved.
This paper was prepared by the village of La Loche. This copy is from October 2011.

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