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Metis life in the 1820’s

Rindisbacher peter trapping beaver
Trapping beaver by Rindisbacher
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Before photography artists like Peter Rindisbacher painted scenes of early life in the North West and the Red River areas of North America. They faithfully painted the people, what they wore and how they lived.
Peter Rindisbacher was born in 1806 in Switzerland and died in St. Louis in 1834. He was 28 years old. He was just fifteen when he painted 'The inhospitable shores of Lake Winnipeg' in 1821.

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Metis Family by Rindisbacher (edited version)
Hunting in winter by Rindisbacher
Rindisbacher-buffalo hunt 1822-24
Buffalo hunt 1822-24 by Rindisbacher
rindisbacher buffalo hunting in late winter
Buffalo hunting in late winter by Rindisbacher
rindisbacher 1923 travelling-by-canoe-733
Travelling by canoe in 1823 by Rindisbacher

Rindisbacher inside a lodge 1826
Inside a lodge (teepee) in 1826 by Rindisbacher

Inside a Metis lodge (teepee)
Three women in long dresses all wearing earrings are present: one suckling a baby, one smoking a pipe and one with items in her lap. There are two men: one smoking a pipe dressed in buckskin and another with an arm around a woman. There is a young boy in a central position around a small fire. Items hanging on the walls are a rifle, a powder horn, a shot bag (fire bag), mittens with red cuffs on a string, snow shoes, a hatchet over the door, a piece of rope (or babiche), ducks, hide stretchers and a fur. There is a strung bow behind the ducks. Items on the floor are another rifle, a copper HBC pot, some birds and tree cones.

Rindisbacher inhospitable shores of Lake Winnipeg 1821
"Inhospitable shores of Lake Winnipeg" 1821 by Rindisbacher
Tents cover the York boats.
Norway House in 1821  Rindisbacher
Fishing 1821 by Rindisbacher
Fort Garry, St. Boniface and the frozen Red River..
rindisbacher-peter--sleigh ride schlittenfahrt-des-gouverneurs-mit-792868
"Gouverneurs" taking a sleigh ride by Peter Rindisbacher
Fort Garry is in the background.

This was painted by Peter Rindisbacher  in the 1820's in the Red River area. It shows a man with a whip dressed in a blue capote elaborated decorated with multicoloured ribbons, an assomption sash, red trousers with ornamented cuffs, garters below the knees, mitts joined by a red string and a type of head covering (either a cap or a toque).
This capote may be in two pieces with a hooded short cape that reaches to just above the elbows and worn over the top of the capote.
The man with a stick breaking trail in snowshoes is wearing a decorated buffalo robe, a pair of blue pants with red cuffs, moccasins and a red hood with a feather.
The passenger in the carriole is probably a 'man of importance' and great care will be taken to bring him safely to his destination.
The three dogs pulling the sleigh are covered in small red blankets with yellow accents. They have sets of bells around their necks and additional bells sticking out above their collars in a colourful display.
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