Population 2031

Aerial view of La Loche July 2, 2018 with new construction in the foreground.
Also seen is the cemetery (one of three in the village) and Dene High School.
(photo by Winston Jolibois)

  • La Loche is a northern village in northwestern Saskatchewan on the east side of Lac La Loche with a population of   2348 (2006 Canada Census)
  • The Clearwater River Dene Nation borders  La Loche to the north and has a population of 658 (2006 Canada Census)
  • On the south side of the lake is the northern hamlet of Black Point with a population of about 70 people.
  • On the west side of the lake about ten kilometers from the portage is West La Loche.  It has not been occupied for about twenty years but it played an important part in the history of Lac La Loche.
  • Located at the north end of the lake is Portage La Loche. This portage is 19 kilometers long and leads to the Clearwater River .  This river flows into the Athabasca River at Fort Mcmurray, Alberta.

The population of Lac La Loche will be 5000 in 2031.

The Canada Census of 2006 shows that the  population of La Loche increased by 9.9% since 2001.
The population of the Clearwater River Dene Nation increased by 12.7%. 
If these increases are projected the population of the La Loche area in 2031 will be 5000 people. 

This means 400 new homes  will be built in the next 25 years.
A new school will be built. The present schools will add more classrooms.
Recreational facilities will be expanded. 
New businesses will open. More services will be offered.
The town may need to expand its present boundaries to create new subdivisions. 

Exploration in the northwest will continue. A new mine will be opened.
Roads will be built to access discovered resources. Existing highways will be upgraded.

These are all things that are likely to happen because they have happened during the last twenty five years.

50% of the population was under the age of 20 in 2006.

33% of the population (1100 out of 3300) were students in 2011.