Thursday, 13 April 2017

A picture and a story--Magloire and Mary Rose--Circa 1950--La Loche

From Société historique de Saint-Boniface archives.comes this photo captioned simply "newlyweds'. A mistaken description quickly discovered by facebook readers when it was published there. This is a brother and sister in front of the rectory in La Loche-- Magloire Montgrand and Mary Jane Jolibois --They were identified by Manny Sylvestre as "Magloire Montgrand and Mary Jane Jolibois,  they are not newlyweds, they are brother and sister".  They are my "great grandpa and auntie"
 Magloire Montgrand is now 90 years old and is living in Descharme Lake north of La Loche with his son's family.

His sister Mary Jane Jolibois (wife of Alex Jolibois) was killed by the whirling propeller blade of an aircraft in 1965 at Descharme Lake when she was 39 years old. The aircraft was owned by Grover Clarke, of Meadow Lake, Sask. The old town of Descharme had a fish filleting plant and a store. It had an airstrip and a hanger. These were run and owned by C. & M. Airways of La Loche. G.M. Clarke and John H. Midgett of Meadow Lake were the owners with Leon Belanger of Ile a la Crosse as another partner.  The Dene High School cultural camp is now located nearby.  A memorial cross is located on the spot of the accident.---News story: "Woman Killed By Airplane Propeller"---

From New York City to La Loche with love

 The children of New York City have sent us stars. Each star is painted on one side and a message is written on the opposite side. Made by school children of New York City for the children of La Loche to place around town at a place of their choosing. Photos by Raymond Dauvin

The star marked "Hope" has a message from; "Dunya...Love". The other has the message "Hope you can re-build what was damaged...Emilie." ----(Thank you Emilie)--

This one says; "Helo my name is Sasha. I'm from New York and I'm thinking of you!".--(Thank you Sasha)--

Sasha sent us this star with "Love". The message on the other side says; "Helo my name is Sasha. I'm from New York and I'm thinking of you!"

The message on this star says; "Marilyn in New York City. Wishing you a bright and warm future."

"Stars of Hope have been delivered to our community from New York. They are meant to be a symbol as a daily reminder that children in New York City care about the people of our community and that we are all in this together. They will be placed on fences, trees, and other public places to give our community a sense of HOPE each and every day. Students from Dene High and Ducharme Elementary will be placing them throughout our community this week. Please respect these wonderful gifts and leave them where they are placed ' .Link to La Loche Community School

The stars were sent in response to a tragedy that occurred in La Loche in 2016.
"On January 22, 2016, four people were killed and seven others injured in a shooting spree in La Loche. Two people were killed at their home and a teacher and an educational assistant were killed at the  La Loche Community School".

Buffalo Narrows ferry--The drownings in 1965

Buffalo Narrows ferry--The drownings in February 1965--"Albert John Savidan, 38, and his wife Muriel, 33, of Hoey, Sask., drowned Wednesday night at Buffalo Narrows, Sask, "...."Mr. Savidan and his wife were passengers in a car driven by his brother, Paul Savidan, 32. The driver and his sister, Sister Lawrence of La Loche. Sask., were rescued by the operators of the Buffalo Narrows ferry.' (They were heading north to La Loche at night and may have missed the signs for the ferry crossing or their brakes failed. They drove into the water.)   photo link

Close-up of the ferry and the south-side where the vehicle entered the water.Saskatoon Star-Phoenix - Feb 26, 1965--news article

This bridge, completed in 1981, crosses the Kisis Channel at Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. The photo was taken on the north end of the old ferry site in 2016, (photo by Raymond Dauvin).