Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Buffalo Narrows Photos

Buffalo Narrows in 1936

Dillon Photos

Dillon before 1937

Ile a la Crosse Mission

The forts of Ile a la Crosse in 1820 by George Back. The HBC fort has a flag flying. The NWC fort is on the right.
A section of  Sir John Franklin's map of 1819-1820 from Ile a la Crosse to the Methye Portage/Portage La LocheSir George Back who accompanied Franklin on this expedition sketched scenes of the country. ....view Franklin's map

Three Grey Nuns arrived at Ile a la Crosse in 1860 to staff the new school and  hospital.  (Sketch of Ile a la Crosse Mission as it may have looked like in circa 1860.)

Dene arriving at Ile a la Crosse 1898 to take part in a "mission". These "missions" were organized by the Oblates. A mission lasted from a few days to a few weeks and consisted of religious instruction, sermons, masses and processions. These missions were held several times a year until the 1950's. (photo credit John and Mary Hanson of Buffalo Narrows)

Ile a la Crosse in 1911 during the first visit of Bishop Ovide Charlebois. Charlebois was bishop of the new Apostolic Vicariate of Keewatin formed in 1910.

Ile a la Crosse in 1914.

This Ile a la Crosse hospital burned in 1926.

Hospital of Ile a la Crosse 1939.

Mission of Ile a la Crosse in 1946.

Monday, 5 December 2011

La Loche Cemeteries

Evening sun over the cemetery on La Loche Avenue

Descharme Lake

Descharme Lake began as a Dene
winter hunting camp centuries ago.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Vicariate of Keewatin 1910

Diocese of Keewatin-The Pas with place names in French. 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

West La Loche

The home of Aime Janvier at West La Loche in 1945.

West La Loche is considered by many to be the first permanent village built on Lac La Loche. 
It may have begun as a few houses in the late 1700's or the early 1800's.