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Vicariate of Keewatin 1910

Diocese of Keewatin-The Pas with place names in French. 
Bishop Ovide Charlebois more

The Apostolic Vicariate of Keewatin 1910

The Apostolic Vicariate of Keewatin was formed in 1910 under the 
leadership of Bishop Ovide Charlebois. 

The Mission of La Loche is at the western end of the Vicariate of Keewatin and the bishop resides in The Pas, Manitoba. 

In 1967 the Vicariate became the Archdiocese of Keewatin The Pas.
......Catholic Hierarchy

Ecclesiastical Hierarchy 

La Loche was in the Keewatin Vicariate in 1910, in 1891 it was in the Prince Albert Diocese, in 1858 in the Saint Albert Diocese, in 1851 in the Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface and in 1843 it was part of the Missions of the Red River under the Bishop of Ottawa.

The Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface included what would later become Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the North West Territories. 

Bishop Ovide Charlebois toured his new vicariate in 1911. The following photos are from the book of his trip.

Note: The English captions under the photos are translations of the French captions. The words "sauvages" and "sauvagesses" are offensive today but were in common use a hundred years ago.
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First residence of Mgr. Charlebois. (The Pas)
The bishop and Father F.X. Fafard, O.M.I. 

First cathedral of Mgr. Charlebois at The Pas 

Mission of Ile a la Crosse (in 1911)

Young and old  native women

Mgr. Charlebois and his native companions,
after a good hunt.

Father Turquetil, O.M.I. on his way to the country of the Eskimo.
The camp.

Mgr. Charlebois on his episcopal journey.

The Mission of Portage La Loche. (La Loche in 1911)

Father Penard O.M.I. and Brother Pioget O.M.I. and their poor rectory
at the mission of Portage La Loche. (La Loche in 1911)

A five and a half year old boy who passed the bishop's
catechism test. (La Loche in 1911)

Two York boats belonging the the Hudson's Bay Company on Reindeer
Lake. It was on one of these boats that the bishop crossed the lake. (1911)