Thursday, 13 April 2017

Buffalo Narrows ferry--The drownings in 1965

Buffalo Narrows ferry--The drownings in February 1965--"Albert John Savidan, 38, and his wife Muriel, 33, of Hoey, Sask., drowned Wednesday night at Buffalo Narrows, Sask, "...."Mr. Savidan and his wife were passengers in a car driven by his brother, Paul Savidan, 32. The driver and his sister, Sister Lawrence of La Loche. Sask., were rescued by the operators of the Buffalo Narrows ferry.' (They were heading north to La Loche at night and may have missed the signs for the ferry crossing or their brakes failed. They drove into the water.)   photo link

Close-up of the ferry and the south-side where the vehicle entered the water.Saskatoon Star-Phoenix - Feb 26, 1965--news article

This bridge, completed in 1981, crosses the Kisis Channel at Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. The photo was taken on the north end of the old ferry site in 2016, (photo by Raymond Dauvin).