Thursday, 13 April 2017

A picture and a story--Magloire and Mary Rose--Circa 1950--La Loche

From Société historique de Saint-Boniface archives.comes this photo captioned simply "newlyweds'. A mistaken description quickly discovered by facebook readers when it was published there. This is a brother and sister in front of the rectory in La Loche-- Magloire Montgrand and Mary Jane Jolibois --They were identified by Manny Sylvestre as "Magloire Montgrand and Mary Jane Jolibois,  they are not newlyweds, they are brother and sister".  They are my "great grandpa and auntie"
 Magloire Montgrand is now 90 years old and is living in Descharme Lake north of La Loche with his son's family.

His sister Mary Jane Jolibois (wife of Alex Jolibois) was killed by the whirling propeller blade of an aircraft in 1965 at Descharme Lake when she was 39 years old. The aircraft was owned by Grover Clarke, of Meadow Lake, Sask. The old town of Descharme had a fish filleting plant and a store. It had an airstrip and a hanger. These were run and owned by C. & M. Airways of La Loche. G.M. Clarke and John H. Midgett of Meadow Lake were the owners with Leon Belanger of Ile a la Crosse as another partner.  The Dene High School cultural camp is now located nearby.  A memorial cross is located on the spot of the accident.---News story: "Woman Killed By Airplane Propeller"---