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A La Loche Family History

Robert Francois Guetre in 1920-21
dressed in his sailor's uniform.

This family history begins in 1923 on a French Naval training vessel with a 20 year old sailor Robert Francois Guetre.     

Emmanuel Guetre (1828 - )

Born in France on 1828. Emmanuel married Anne Marie Grandon b.1837 and had a child.

Francois Emmanuel Guetre (1873 - 1941)

Born in Ille Dt Villaine, Sarthe, France on 11 Feb 1873 to Emmanuel Guetre and Anne Marie Grandon. Francois Emmanuel married Francine Marie Cadin and had 4 children (Robert Francois, Auguste Francois, Andre Pierre, Germaine). He passed away on 4 Apr 1941 in La Suze Sur Sarthe, France.

Robert Francois Guetre (1903 - 1928)

Born in La Suze Sur Sarthe, France on 21 Oct 1903 to Francois Emmanuel Guetre b.1873-d.1941 and Francine Marie Cadin b.1877-d.1937. Robert Francois married Elisabeth Janvier and had a child (Robert). He passed away on 30 Sep 1928 in Lac La Loche, Saskatchewan, Canada. (from

Elisabeth Janvier (1904 - 1982)

Born in Lac La Loche, Saskatchewan, Canada on 12 Nov 1904. Elisabeth married Robert Francois Guetre and had a child (Robert). She passed away on 2 Sep 1982 in Lac La Loche, Saskatchewan, Canada.

French Naval armored cruiser Pothuau on which Robert Francois
Guetre served as a sailor. The ship was decommissioned in 1927 more on the Pothuau

Robert Francois Guetre
Robert Francois Guetre was born on October 21, 1903 in La Suze sur Sartre, Sartre, France. He trained on the French Naval armored cruiser Pothuau where he received certificates as a mechanic in 1923 and 1924.
He came to La Loche  between 1925-27 and married Elizabeth Janvier.
Seven months before their son, Robert Guetre was born, he drowned tangled in his fishing net Sept. 30, 1928 off the shore of Lac la Loche at Black Point. 

Elizabeth Janvier
Elizabeth Janvier Guetre later married twice becoming Elizabeth Sylvestre then Elizabeth Montgrand. Elizabeth spoke both French and Dene and did not speak English. She worked at the La Loche Mission as a midwife for a time.
Elizabeth had three more children;  Marie Montgrand (by Michel Montgrand), Bannock Sylvestre  (by Edward Sylvester), and Jacob Janvier (by Pierre Sylvestre).  
Jacob was adopted by Isabelle Janvier and was given their surname.  
Elizabeth and Michel also adopted two children;  Sally Piche and Francine Sylvestre (her granddaughter). 
Michel Montgrand  had a son (Robert Montgrand) from a previous marriage.
Elizabeth was two years old on the Census of 1906. (see "Census of 1906")

Robert Guetre (the blond boy) with other classmates receiving instruction from Father Ducharme
circa 1940.

 Father Ducharme, Robert Guetre at around ten years old, his mother Elizabeth (Janvier, Guetre, Sylvestre,
Montgrand) preparing a moose hide with another lady. (circa 1940 from SHSB)
late 1930s---From left to right; ?, baby is ?, ?, Robert Guetre, child is Bannock Sylvestre, Elizabeth nee Janvier (her married names are Guetre, Sylvestre, Montgrand) and Lucia Lemaigre. (Photo courtesy of Stewart Herman)

Robert Guetre circa 1975 at a winter carnival
wearing beaded moccasins.

Robert Guetre and his mother Elizabeth
looking at chickens in an enclosure.(circa 1933)

Roy age 9, Mathilda age 3, Francine age 4 and Ronnie age 7 at Michel Village in 1962-63.
Robert and Celine Guetre

Robert Guetre married Celine Herman. Celine was born in a cabin on the Christina River near her home village of Chard, Alberta. She spoke Dene only.
The family moved from La Loche to Michel Village in about 1962.
They then moved to Bull's House in 1967 where Robert operated a mink ranch, then to Old Ladies Point not far from Buffalo Narrows, then back to La Loche, then to Chard, Alberta in 1968.
The family moved back to La Loche in 1969. The family also lived at Buckley's Point on Peter Pond Lake, at Black Point and on the old reserve across from La Loche.
The children Roy, Ronnie, Francine, Mathilda, Martha and Rene attended the residential school in Ile a la Crosse.  Mary-Ann is the youngest of the family. (Guetre family photo)
Robert Guetre skinning a lynx --Chard Alberta 1969 

Auguste Guetre, Father Ducharme, Robert Francois Guetre taken
outside the La Loche rectory between 1925 and 1927. This rectory
burned down in 1927. The men are equipped for hunting with
backpacks and a rifle.

Auguste Francois Guetre (1901 - 1989)

Born in La Suze, Departement De La Sarthe, France on 20 Mar 1901 to Francois Emmanuel Guetre and Francine Marie Cadin. Auguste Francois married Marie Anne Dorilla Lussier and had a child. Auguste Francois married Dore Alice Marie Lussier and had 6 children. He passed away on 4 Oct 1989 in Deer Lodge, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (from

Auguste Guetre died on October 4, 1989. He was 88 years old. He was a private in the Canadian Army and served in World War 2.
Service Number L13583. Member of the St. Vital Legion Branch, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Buried at the La Loche Cemetery are:
Robert Guetre b. May 19, 1929-d.Nov. 23, 1990.
Celine Guetre b.Oct. 10, 1930-d.Feb.1, 1989.
Roy Guetre b.1953-d.1982.
Martha Guetre b.Oct. 31, 1960-d.Oct 26. 1990.

Most of the information was provided by Francine Guetre of La Loche, Saskatchewan.
The website also had some important information. more at The History of La Loche