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English River District

The Hudson's Bay Company Districts of 1830 ........Map Source

The English River District of the Hudson's Bay Company

The English River District of the Hudson's Bay Company in 1832 included an area of northwest Saskatchewan
and extended into parts of Alberta. The headquarters of this District was located at Ile a la Crosse. (view map above)
Lac La Loche including the Portage was in its north western end. The Clearwater River was in the Athabasca District of the HBC.
The number of posts in the English River District varied over the years. Some posts became part of another District as the boundaries of the District changed. Some posts closed and new posts were opened.

Note: The English River was another name for the Churchill River.

The English River posts in 1786 were Ile a la Crosse, Lac la Ronge, Rat River area and Fort Chipewyan area. (North West Company)
The English River posts in 1825 were Ile a la Crosse, Green Lake, Lac la Ronge and  Grey Deer Lake.  (HBC posts)
The English River posts in 1856 were Ile a la Crosse, Green Lake, Rapid River, Portage La Loche, Cold Lake and Deer Lake.  (HBC posts) 
Mostly "Dene" frequented the Ile a la Crosse post in 1825. They numbered 469.
The Dene population total of 469 included 87 men, 106 women, 136 male children and 140 female children.
The "Cree" population mostly frequented the Green Lake and Lac la Ronge posts. They numbered 235.
The reference for the Dene population in 1825 is on this link. (see item 15)

Franklin's 1823 map: Churchill River (English River) fur trade route from Frog Portage to Ile a la Crosse