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Dene or Chipewyan teepees

This photo from Canada Archives of Dene teepees and the Revillon Freres Post in La Loche was taken between June 30-July 2, 1918 by the Franklin Kitto Expedition.  Franklin Kitto's men wanted to attend the services after stopping at the HBC post at West La Loche. Mr. Kitto worked for " Natural Resources Intelligence Branch" Ottawa. He writes the following description:
"at the Mission adjoining Revillon's post on the east side of the lake"
"Arriving at the Mission we found that a couple of priests from Lac la Plonge were conducting a series of services extending over a period of two weeks, and the Indians from the country-side to the extent of two or three hundred were gathered in attendance. Row after row of tepees lined the beach and clustered about the few wooden buildings of the post. The entire families had come from far and near bringing all their worldly possessions with them and the place was alive with children and dogs." ...link

Father Petitot visited a Dene teepee village at Portage La Loche in 1862.
This Dene tent village of 150 may have had 20 to 30 tents.

The Dene (Chipewyan) tent village near the Portage that Father Petitot described in 1862 were the people of Lac La Loche gathered there for the yearly brigades season to do trade or to find work portaging.

In a letter written in 1873 by R.P. Legeard to R.P. Martinet Father Legeard provides an explanation for their presence at the portage. (translation)

" The Dene, in good numbers, are mostly established around Lac La Loche and are starting some cultivating.
Because it is not easy to unite regularly for a mission during winter, the priest in charge comes every year
in July. At this time of year, the Dene, attracted by the brigades, camp altogether in tents, around the Portage or at the Portage itself."      .....read the original French letter 
                                                                                           .....read more at 'The History of La Loche'

Dene, Chipewyan tepee at Portage La Loche taken by the Crean Expedition in 1908. 

Dene, Chipewyan tepees at La Loche in 1911 during the visit of Bishop Charlebois. 

More photos of teepees 
Teepee at Fort McMurray June 6, 1893 by the Tyrrell Expedition
Teepee at Fort Chipewyan June 18, 1893 by the Tyrrell Expedition
Teepee at Fond du Lac June 18, 1892 by the Tyrrell Expedition.
Camp at Cumberland House July 3, 1894 by the Tyrrell Expedition. Note the two York boats.

Saami family in 1900.  "teepees" in Northern Europe

Lapps (Sami) are from northern Scandinavia.
Parts of northern Norway, Sweden and Finland are called Lapland. 
They also depended on the caribou (reindeer) for food and clothing and erected tents that 
to Father Petitot were similar to those of the Dene at Portage La Loche in 1862.

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Tsaatan people - The Reindeer Herders (from Mongolia)