Monday, 10 August 2015

West La Loche 2015

Leaving Poplar Point, a sub-division of La Loche, with Alfred Toulejour in his new skiff.

Passing by downtown La Loche on the way to West La Loche.. 

Log cabin at West La Loche

In a field of fireweed

Another house can be seen 
A house made of square cut logs with one bedroom in the back and a loft at West La Loche. This was a common house type in the Lac La Loche area until three bedroom homes began being built in La Loche in the 1970's

Justine inside the log cabin beside a wood cookstove. A pole used to dry clothes hangs from the ceiling  
Little table top shrine 

Justine and husband Alfred Toulejour

Ancient blue jeans now almost white

At the cemetery we have visitors.  Albert and his wife

Albert tells a story about this grave. Here a young Dene man known for his piety is buried. The recent fires of July 2015 have blackened the area surrounding the cemetery but the cemetery grounds were not touched. Nearby stood a 
Catholic church (now demolished) and a Hudson's Bay Company Post which burned in 1936.

More grave sites

Another three grave sites are marked with crosses.

Returning home with Justine, Doctor Shafali  and friend 

Queen of the world