Saturday, 28 April 2012

Editing Paul Kane

Paul Kane's The Surveyor 1845-46 oil on canvas
Kane chose vibrant colours for this painting of Captain John Henry Lefroy. Not all Kane's paintings remained in such a pristine condition. 'Fort Edmonton' and 'Metis Buffalo Hunters' shown below became faded over time. These have been edited by RD Laloche to show what they may have looked like 160 years ago.                                  about Paul Kane

The paintings below by Paul Kane have been given a new life. The paintings may have been damaged by too much exposure to the sun. A little editing brought back the colours. Is there too much editing? Maybe. The edited versions however are now more interesting than the originals. about Paul Kane's voyage west in 1845-48
Fort Edmonton by Paul Kane between 1849-1856   oil on canvas
Fort Edmonton by Paul Kane as edited by RD Laloche 

Original version of Paul Kane's Metis Buffalo Hunt  watercolour

 Paul Kane's Metis Buffalo Hunt as edited by RD Laloche